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“The secret of serious fun is not to take it too seriously, especially if it involves playing jazz. That attitude is something that the easygoing singer and saxophonist  Danny Bacher, knows in his bones.” – The New York Times

Singer-Saxophonist DANNY BACHER

A new voice in jazz – steps out – and man, does he swing! (Get ready to shake your tuchas!)

Still Happy

Danny BacherSinger-Saxophonist, Danny Bacher is a fresh new face on the jazz landscape. His clean, crisp delivery is reminiscent of the true greats in entertainment. An engaging stage presence, a smooth-as-silk voice, and the gift of a storyteller all come together to complete his new recording, Still Happy, on Whaling Sound Records.

This swinging album features a compelling marriage of uplifting tunes and performances, delivered with the style and polish of a seasoned pro. “The way I like to connect to my audience is through humor, lightness and a positive message” says Danny. “I like to convey a positive message.” Offered without irony, these sentiments serve as the baseline philosophy behind Still Happy.

The album features arrangements by Danny and Allen Farnham, crafted to energize Danny’s indefatigable spirit; a rhythm section plus horns plus percussion galvanized tight by purpose and desire; Danny’s own “In Spite of All This, I’m Still Happy,” and “Joie de Vivre,” each complementing perfectly the project’s theme and variations; and signature moments of musicality and wit.

There is a wry yet reverential send-up of “Hooray for Hollywood,” a peek behind the dream factory curtain, replete with Danny’s original, happy-making lyrics (“You’ll be splurgin’ to see a surgeon/He’ll make your tuchas look good…”) “Hollywood” proves to be a touchstone, a contrast to the album’s final track, “Cloudy/Nuages.” Together they reveal the yin and yang of Danny’s personality. The former is exuberant, bracing, filled with vivacity; the latter, ruminative, introspective, private.

Danny looks to the heart (and feet) by endowing these tracks – and all others – with sophisticated subtlety. One hears traces of calypso (“Get Happy”), and doo-wop (“Shaking The Blues Away”), and pure Billie Holiday (“Getting Some Fun Out of Life”).

With both words and deeds, Still Happy reflects Danny’s North Star mandate: he aims to please. He is a pure soul, a humanist at heart, whose creativity aligns perfectly with a desire to spread joy. This album is the latest installment in his vision of a sing-along, bouncing-ball world. It is a simple reminder: in the hands of a master storyteller, music is magic.


1. Getting Some Fun Out of Life
2. Laughing At Life
3. In Spite of All This, I’m Still Happy
4. Shakin’ The Blues Away
5. Hooray For Hollywood
6. Lucky To Be Me
7. Joie De Vivre
8. This Happy Madness
9. Joy Spring
10. Lazy Afternoon
11. Get Happy
12. Cloudy/Nuages

Danny Bacher Vocals, Soprano Saxophone
Allen Farnham Piano
Dean Johnson Bass
Alvester Garnett Drums
Harry Allen Tenor Saxophone
Charles Caranicas Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Rolando Morales-Matos Percussion
Co-arrangements by Danny Bacher and Allen Farnham
Produced by Jeff Levenson